Ma.k from the past: “The last flower”

In 2009 I started a new project: to made a little dio with a Ma.K. AFS Mk. II from wawe and a beautiful moulded figure from Brick Works

The assembling was very easy

Also the figure is very nicely moulded, really in manga style and I supposed a pleasure to paint

The idea was very simple: in a scorched land a man inside a Ma.K. takes some flowers back for his beloved girlfriend

But something went wrong, I didn’t like the result, so i forgot this model.

Well, some months ago I take it alive and after a 3 years sleep resolved to finish it, at last!
So I painted all again, a new, better I hope, paint for the figure and the same for the Ma.k.
The girl was painted using oils (for the skin area) and acrylics the Ma.K. was painted with lifecolors paints and then received a lot of wheathering with acrylics and oils
That is the results:

1. the new shirt




the new pants



Hairs boots

the Ma.K. and the dio

In the very next days I managed to finish my little new dio:
“The last flower”
I hope you enjoy it… thanks for looking

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