Panting a US Vietnam war uniform SBS

Hi all! here are three of the GI that I’m going to put near the V-100 diorama.

All three are from the Bravo6 range, they are very nice, beautiful sculpture but the casting is not as good as I hope.

Here’s the first idea of the composition of the scene:

As you can look One GI is covering, as the V-100, and the other one is rescuing the injured one.

Now I need to paint them!!!! At first I studied some colour photos taken from the net and from some books. Here are some photos from wikipedia commons:

On this website: Vietnam war uniforms & equipments you can find a lot of references!!!

Then I made some tryouts with more and more colours (enamels and acrylics) and this was the result:


I thinked that the best one was Humbrol 86 until I found the beautiful Andrea NAC 06…. it’s the colour I needed !!!!!

So this is the palette I’m using for:

B: NAC06+ a dot of MC922 + a dot of Italeri 9734AP

1L: B+MC922

2L: 1L+AC3

3L: 2L+MC13

O: B+Italeri 9734AP

2O: O+Vc814

3O: 2O+Vallejo Carrista Aleman black 7033.

…. and this is the first result:

The flak vest has a more brownish tone, so to paint it I started form a mixture of: Vc893+Vc889 in a 7:4 ratio.

Here is the flak vest almost finished:

It’s all for today, stay tuned.

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