Prussian Hussar XI Rgt. 1762 – almost the last step…

Here is my first hussar! It’s a miniature from Andrea Miniatures.

It’s beautiful moulded and I found a very nice casting.

Now I’m painting the blacks (hat and boots) and to paint them I’used acrylics from Vallejo and Andrea


Base: Carrista Aleman from Vallejo Panzer Colors (70333)

Light: Base + Ochre Amarillo XNac 38

Shadow: Base + Black (70950) Vallejo

For whites I used various mixtures.

The simplier one is to start from vallejo Sky grey (70989) and dark it with ACS-03 n. 6 and black (70950) and to lighten with ivory (70918), offwhite (70820) and white (70951) from vallejo range.

but for the pelisse that I want to paint with a warmer tone I used the Andrea Colors White set

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