iModelkit for iOs

I saw that may persons are asking about the program that I use for paint mix: it’s a beautiful app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad named iModelkit.

It’s developed by id6


Here’s the description of the app from the developer:

iModelkit simplifies scale model builder work by providing a set of simple and easy to use tools.
With iModelKit you can :
* See color charts from color standards and paint manufacturers
* Create your own color charts and share them
* Mix paints from paints, reference or Internet
* Automatically compute paint mix from a reference color
* Compute scale measurements and see the actual size results
* Find plastic sheet manufacturer references from computed scale results
* Create your own plastic sheet references
* Create scale model project notes and organize them in folders
* Update the application to the “Ad Free” release
* Runs from iOs 3.0 so you can use an old iDevice on your workbench
* The application provides samples of most common paint charts, color charts and plastic sheet references.

And some screenshots:



 Hope you enjoy it! Happy modelling!

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