Heroes & Villains: Sowar, 1st Skinner’s Horse 1886

il Primo di due bellissimi figurini dipinti da Fernando Ruiz:

Fernando Ruiz's Sowar, 1st Skinner's...

il resto delle foto su Heroes & Villains: Sowar, 1st Skinner’s Horse 1886.

Ed ecco l’utilissima palette per il giallo presa da Figurinitaly:

the Fernando Ruiz's palette for yellow

From left to right, Ice yellow, Flat yellow, Golden yellow, Sulphur desert yellow (old Citadel), Purple and Burnt umber.
Basecoat: Sulphur desert yellow
Highlights: Golden Yellow (1st), Flat Yellow (2nd) and Ice Yellow (3rd)
Shadows: Sulphur desert yellow + Purple (1st and 2nd), 2nd shadow + Burnt Umber (3rd), pure Burnt Umber (4th)

I divided the kaftan in areas and worked on them one after the other, taking a lot of care in the transitional tones. There’s no miracle sistem here, I simply spent a lot of hours polishing the finnish. Also, another details to keep in mind is to paint the upper parts of the clothe in lighter tones than the lower areas to achieve properly the feeling of cenital illumination and to try to avoid the color tending to orange, green or khaki (you can achieve that with a wise selection of tones in the palette). After all the work is done, a thin coat of matt varnish helped to remove any undesired gloss.

The old Citadel colour may be hard to find, but there’s a Citadel Foundation one that is more or less the same (Iyanden Darksun).

Hope it helps…

Aiuta sicuramente! It helps surely!!!!

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