“Corporal 19th Indiana” How to paint a historical miniature (uniform & leather) – YouTube

Un Istruttivo video tutoria di pittura, veramente un bel guardare PBA004 “Corporal 19th Indiana” Part 1: How to paint a historical miniature (uniform & leather) – YouTube. Ed ecco la seconda parte del work in progress! buona visione

Panting a US Vietnam war uniform SBS

Hi all! here are three of the GI that I’m going to put near the V-100 diorama. All three are from the Bravo6 range, they are very nice, beautiful sculpture but the casting is not as good as I hope.

Grande guerra patriottica… Ecco il primo figurino

This evening i’ve painted the head of the first figure of the T-80 diorama. It’s a nice figure from the Alexander Miniatures, scoulpted by Nino Pizzichemi. Truly it’s a bit bigger than a real 1:35 but it’s a pleasure to paint. better photos tomorrow (i need more shadows yet) Stay tuned